The Cat In The Hat

Designed By: Brandi Bostick

    Dr. Seuss' The Cat In The Hat is a children's book full of fun and imagination.  Dr. Seuss uses rhymes, funny characters, and easy words to tell the story.

   The Cat In The Hat is a story about a day too wet to play from a little boy's point of view.  His mother is out of the house and he and his sister have nothing to do.  At least not until the Cat in the hat showed up.  The fish in the bowl had a bad idea about the cat being there while their mother was out.  After the cat's fun and new tricks turned into a big mess he decided to try something else.  When "Thing one and Thing Two" came out of the big, red, wooden box the mess gets even messier.  All of a sudden the fish spots their mother coming home.  They did not know what to do so they captured "Thing one and Thing two."  The cat packed up all of his things and the boy and girl were left with a mess.  Then the cat came back riding a big machine with many hands and it cleaned up everything.  When their mother came in she wanted to know what they did while she was gone.  Everything was so peaceful and there was nothing out of place.

What would you do if the Cat came to your house?

Would you tell your mother what happened while she was out?

What are some of your favorite things that you would not want Cat to touch?

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