Under The Sea: A Place Full Of Adventure and Fun

This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Payton's kindergarten class at  W.G Nunn Elementary School
 By Danielle Jefferson, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


Do you know what type of animals live under the sea?  Did you know that the ocean makes up over 70% of  the planet Earth?
There are alot of excitig things that happen in the deep blue ocean, so come on a journey and explore the many wonders of life under the sea with me!



Have you ever been to the ocean?  Well know you can explore the many things that are in the deep blue sea.
Take this journey to find out what's going on in the ocean!
 Have you ever wondered where the fish that you eat comes from?  There are three groups of fish. Do you know what they are? To find out  more about fabolous fish, come take a ride on this journey!
Do you know of one of the biggest and scariest animals of the sea? Well hold on to your seat as we take this journey to the land of jaws!
Do you know what type of animal is Flipper?  Come on this journey  and explore all there is to know about Flipper and his friends!
Did you know that there are plants living in the ocean such as coral and coral reefs?  This website will tell all about the different plants in ocean life.  Take a peak and see!
What has a shell, four feet, and is mostly green?  Give up?  To find out the answer to this question and more, click here!
Sea shells come in many different shapes, sizes, and color. They can be found on the beach or in the sea.  Did you know that a shell is a skeleton? To find out more about the skeletons of the sea take a walk on this beach!
Do you know what a starfish looks like? Explore this website to find out facts about these lovely creatures!
To find out  more facts about the ocean, take a walk along this sandy beach and discover something new!
Now it's time for some fun! Come have a blast of  fun at this website with games, puzzels, and more!

    Now you will take your last journey under the deep blue sea! Now that you have learned about all the animals and plants that live in the ocean, I would like for you to complete a mission.  Let's find out how to become an Official Marine Biologist in Mrs. Payton's Class. A marine biologist is someone who studies life under the sea.
    First you have to take a quiz and see if you know all the facts about the ocean! If you pass the quiz you are an official Marine Biologist, it is your job to discover life under the sea. You will create your own sea animal that you've discovered, it doesn't have to be realistic it can be make belive, use your imagination! Remember that this will be posted on the internet for everyone to see!  Good Luck and Have Fun!!!

Mission Steps
Step 1: Before you take the quiz, you need to review the animals that we learned about by going to the website, learn more about.

Step 2: Read the facts about the different animals and then take the quiz.

Step 3: Putt on your thinking caps and scuba gear.  You have just gotten your first assignment to go and discover a new creature in the ocean.

Step 4: Create and draw the sea animal that you discovered. Write a brief summary about the animal explaining where you found it and what type of species it is. It can be anything that you want it to be, don't forget to give it a name! Use your imagination!

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