Dog Disguised as TurkeyEverything You Have Ever Wanted to Know about Thanksgiving and then Some.
Designed for Mrs. Elder's Kindergarten Class at Lomax Pinevale Elementary in Valdosta, Georgia
 By Bradley D. Cupp, a Valdosta State University Preservice Elementary Teacher.

Angry Turkey

Almost everyone in the United States celebrates Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday of November.  Do you have any idea when Thanksgiving will be this year?  If you guessed November 25th you guessed right.  Give yourself a nice pat on the back.  Do you know why America celebrates Thanksgiving?  Take a look at a few of the links and find the answer.  I promise you wont be disappointed.

So we all know that Thanksgiving gives us a few days off of school in November but do you know why we even celebrate Thanksgiving?  If this site cannot tell you I do not know what can.
Do you know which president made Thanksgiving a national holiday?  Find out here.  I will be nice and give you 1 hint.  (Who is on the $5 Bill?)
Did you know that Thanksgiving is celebrated in various forms all over the world?  Click either here or the picture for more information.
Want to Play some games?  Here are some pretty fun Thanksgiving related games.
Who in the world are the pilgrims?  I do not know maybe you can tell me after looking at this really cool site.
Thanksgiving Book
What is Thanksgiving?  This site can provide information as written in the Encyclopedia.

Really Funny Cartoon
Scholastic has put together this wonderful website all about Thanksgiving.  Very user friendy.  So friendly that I reccomend it for use on saving Thanksgiving.  Look below to find out what that is all about.

Banned Turkey

Mission ActivitySurprised Elija Woods
Surprised ManOH NO!!!!! Mr. and Mrs. Allen are thinking about canceling Thanksgiving break and remove all celebrations of Thanksgiving from Lomax Pinevale.  Mrs. Elder and Mrs. Sermons have tried very hard to convince them that we have to have Thanksgiving at Lomax but the Allen's just do not want to hear it.  At the way things are going this will be the last Thanksgiving your school will see ever again.  Also who knows, If you cannot stop them now they could spread this ban to all Valdosta City Schools. For the sake of your school and your November sanity we need you to PLEASE HELP.  To help you need to use the information from this web site and convince the Allen's why Thanksgiving is important to everyone and why we need to have Thanksgiving break.  To convince them they need at least 3 reasons why we should have Thanksgiving.  No less than 3 but more than 3 is even better.

Mission Steps
1.  Go to this web site.  (It should look familiar from above.)
    If you need more than one web site to help you prove your point you are more that welcome to do so.
2. Help you and your school by finding 3 reasons on why we celebrate Thanksgiving.
3. Draw a picture about Thanksgiving and it's importance to you.  Remember a picture is worth a thousand words.
4. Find your teacher and tell them all about what you have learned about Thanksgiving and why we should continue to celebrate Thanksgiving.
5. Your teacher will then have a talk with Mr. & Mrs. Allen after school to show them that their students really do appreciate Thanksgiving and that they should too.

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