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Professor of Accounting

Home page for Dr. Bruce Caster's Web Site

This page is currently under construction.

IC Display Link 1

At the left you will find a link that says, "IC Display 1."  This link takes you to a "mock-up" of a page showing one possible way of displaying Intellectual Contributions for our faculty members. 

At the top of the page is a sort of "faculty directory" containing summary information about our faculty members.  (I have only included a table for Accounting.  There would be a table each for Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, and Economics.) 

To return to the main page, you'll have to use the "Return" arrow on your browser.

Each faculty member's name will be hyperlinked.  (In this example, only my name is linked.) 

Clicking on the faculty member's link will take you to a table that is basically our Summary of Faculty Qualifications report for that faculty member.  At the end of the table is a "Return to top" link that takes you back to the faculty directory at the top of the page. 

In the summary table each published journal article is hyperlinked to a .pdf copy of that article.  Clicking the link next to the article will display the article. (I have only linked my three most recent articles.) 

IC Display Link 2

The second display link puts the first display inside a web page like this one.  Slightly more elegant, but still relatively easy to do. 

IC Display Link 3

IC Display Link 3 is probably the most elegant display, but it requires a lot more local work.  And that makes the "maintenance cost" relatively high.  It would create a separate web page for each faculty member, and those pages would have to be linked together (locally) to create the site.  Still, if DM won't do the necessary work to support IC Display Links 1 or 2, we may have to use this option.  


There are two limitations.  One is that I don't know whether or not DM will do this for us.  The other is that Digital Measures currently only has the ability to upload copies of Refereed Journal Articles and copies of Other Intellectual Contributions.  The Presentations screen does not currently have an upload link.  If we want to include copies of presentations (e.g., PowerPoint files or copies of the pages from the meeting program documenting that the paper was presented), then we'll have to ask DM to add an upload link on that screen. 

This approach is not necessarily the most elegant.  And it requires DM to do a LOT of HTML programming for us.  I'm not sure they'll do it.  There are other possibilities.