Nutrition for Kids
This page was designed for Ms. Odom's Kindergarten Class
at S.L. Mason Elementary School by Allison Faircloth,
a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

1. Ifyou like to eat it is important to make sure that you are eating corrrectly.  The food pyramid is a great place to find out what to eat and how much to eat.

2.  Drinking milk will help your bones grow big and strong.  To learn more about milk you should check out this site.

3. Are you a vegetarian?  This site is perfect for you.

4.  Did you know that Vitamin C is a vital part of your nutritional diet?  You can learn more about Vitamin C when you visit Florida Citrus Land.

   5.  Dole 5 A Day is a great site to learn about good nutrition and play games while learning how to eat healthy.

6. Kid's World-Nutrition is an excellent site to learn about food nutrition.  Here you can play nutrition trivia games, take quizzes, and print coloring pages.

7.  Do you like to cook? Kids Cooking Corner is a great site where you can find recipes for your favorite healthy meals, and share your favorite recipes with other kids.

8.  Do you like to go camping?  Well, I bet you will like to take a camping trip with Tony the tiger at Kellog's Nutrition Camp.  Don't worry about packing a suitcase, just come ready to have fun while you learn lots about nutrition.

9.  The Fun Food Zone is a place where you can have lots of fun while learning about nutrition.  You can do a food pyramid puzzle, make a chef's hat, and create your own cyber sandwich.

10.  At the Kid's Zone of the Nutrition Explorations site you can hook up with Berry and learn more about nutrition.  You can listen to the Food Pyramid story, make a virtual milk-shake, and much more.

It's Snack Time!!
Scenario Activity

     Just imagine that today is National Nutrition Day. You have been elected to be the person that decides what healthy snack your class will have this afternoon at snack time.  Everyone is depending on you!  Keep in mind that it must be tasty and nutritional.
     Take a moment to think about the nutrious foods you have just learned about in the websites above.  Which one's were your favorite, and what foods would make the best snack?
     The Kid's Kitchen is an awesome site to use in preparing a healthy snack.  You can be in control of the kitchen.  Here you will not only find healthy and nutritious recipe ideas, you can also submit your own recipes. 
     Good luck!  I hope you are up to the challenge, and I look forward to your healthy snack creation. 

For more information, see my Topic Lesson Plan.

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