Paint picture

     A little girl was walking through a toy store one day when she overheard a crayon box with many things to say.  The crayons did not like each other and could not get along.  Green and blue did not like each other.  No one liked orange and no one knows just why.  The little girl decided she was going to buy that box of crayons and take them home with her.
    When the little girl got home with the box of crayons she laid them out on her bed so they all could see.  She began coloring a beautiful picture.  The crayons watched as blue became the sky, with white clouds drifting by.  She was almost finished with her picture when the crayons had something more to say.  They all agreed that with each other the picture is complete.
If you were the little girl what kind of picture would you draw with your own box of crayons?
If you were the little girl in the story, how would you help this box of crayons get along?

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