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    Hello!  My name is Allison Faircloth, and I am a Junior at Valdosta State University in the Early Childhood Education program.  I am originally from Douglas, Georgia where my family and I lived for 19 years. I graduated from high school in 1999 and immediately began my college career at South Georgia College.

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    I have lived in Valdosta for almost two years now.  I love Valdosta because it is much larger than Douglas, and there are lots of things to do here.  I come from a family of four and have one older brother.  My parents now live in Augusta, Georgia.  My dad works with Vigortone Agriculture Products, and my mom is an executive secretary for a technology lab in the Columbia County school system.  My brother is married and teaches 8th grade Language Arts at Lowndes County Middle School.

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    When I am not at school, I am busy working with children.  In the afternoon I care for three children whose names are Anna Catherine, Durham, and Jonathan Harris.  On Wednesday evenings I work with two and three year olds at Northside Baptist Church.  So when I am not at school learning how to teach children, I am busy working with them.  As for my hobbies, I consider myself to only have one, and that is reading children's books.  My favorite children's book of all time is The Crayon Box that Talked.

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    When I graduate with my Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education,  I would love to teach at Dewar Elementary School.  I have had the privilege to work in the school with Ms. Wendy Mitchell in a Special Needs Pre-K classroom.  It was a joy to work with those children.  Soon after I begin my teaching career, I plan to pursue my Master's Degree in Deaf Education.  I look forward to the challenges and joys my teaching career will bring.

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    Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world.  Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight, Jesus loves the little children of the world.

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Project Link
Project Description
The Crayon Box That Talked
I created this picture using the Microsoft Paint Project.  This book was written in 1997 by Shane Derolf.  Teachers can use this book to teach colors, character education, and assess thier students by asking the students to draw thier own picture about the story.
Paint Lesson Plan
This is a lesson plan for the paint picture and story of The Crayon Box That Talked  by Shane Derolf.
Nutrition for Kids
This page is all about Nutrition.  It has a total of ten web links to help children to learn how to eat healthy.  It also has a scenario activity for children to understand the concepts of healthy eating.
Lesson Plan for Nutrition for Kids
This is a lesson plan for my topic page about nutrition.  This lesson teaches about the importances of eating nutritious foods and living a healthy life.
Electronic Reading File
The electronic reading file identifies fifty books of differernt genres and award winners. 
Electronic Portfolio
This is a link to my portfolio that will contain my resume, discipline plan, philosphy of education, and much more.  This is not yet complete and will be revised on a regular basis.
Cities Around the World
Interesting facts and Comparison Weather Table for Rome, Italy and Sydney, Australia.
This book was created for my Integrating Technology for Early Childhood class.  The book is about a little bear named Callie who goes to kindergarten.  This book was written by Judy Tolle, Lorri Rogers, Jamie Hedger, and myself.



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