The Four Seasons
This Topic Mini- Research Web Page was developed for
 Mrs. Corbett's Kindergarten Class at Lake Park Elementary School.
Designed by Betts Bryant, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

four seasons

fall tree
 Fall is when the leaves begin to fall, and change colors.  Do you know what leaves change colors to?

During Winter it's cold outside, and may even snow.  Can you help my friend dress for the cold weather?
spring flowers
Pretty flowers grow in Spring.  Want to find out how to grow your own flower?

Many families take vacations to the beach during summer?    Want to help Otty find treasure at the beach?

Topic Mini-Research Real World Activity
Today your class got a new student.  You were selected by your teacher to help the new student catch up.  She asked you to help them with the four seasons,Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer, since that is what you just learned.  Help the student by drawing a picture of one of the seasons.  After you draw your picture describe it to them.  Be sure to tell them what you drew, and something specific about your picture.

Steps to Complete Real World Activity
1.  Revisit the site of the season you chose:  Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer
2. Draw a picture of the season you chose.
3. Describe what you will tell the student about your picture to help them learn the season.
4. Be sure to mention a part of your picture that will help them remember the season.

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