Spring Time's Here, Everyone Cheer!  
This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page was developed for Ms. Martin's Kindergarten Class
 at Moulton Branch Elementary School
Designed by Amber Moore, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

painting of spring time

 whole plant 
What are the different parts of a plant? This website will label the different parts of a plant and explain how each part is important.
How can you make a plant grow to be beautiful and healthy? This website allows you to grow your own plant by adding water and sunlight.
How does a caterpillar become a beautiful butterfly? This website shows the different stages that a butterfly goes through.
ladybug on a leaf
What are the body parts of a ladybug? This website labels the parts of the ladybug and shows how they look and how their used.

    Today you will be making your own garden. Each of you will plant a seed and see how big and beautiful of a flower you can make. Make sure to give it plenty of sunlight and water or your flower will die and you will have to start all over. After you have finished growing your flower you will draw your own flower on a white sheet of paper and label the parts. You may choose to color the flower what ever color you choose. Make sure to draw all the parts shown on the website.

1. Look at this site and experiment with growing your own plant.
2. Next you will take a look at this website which describes the parts of a plant and what they do to help a flower live.
3. Think about what you would like your flower to look like.
4. Take a sheet of white paper provided and draw/color your flower. Make sure you label the parts of the flower by drawing a line out beside each part and write the parts name.
5. Put your first and last name at the top of your paper and turn it in to Miss Moore.

Topic Literature Activity
From Caterpillar to Butterfly
Deborah Heiligman

Topic Literature Activity
A. monarch butterfly  Butterflies
B. Questions for Understanding about From Caterpillar to Butterfly
1. What do caterpillars eat?
2. Does a caterpillar's skin grow?
3. What pumps into the butterfly's wings to make them grow bigger?
4. What season does the story take place in?

C. Critical thinking questions based on From Caterpillar to Butterfly
1. What insect would you capture for your classroom to watch it grow and why?
2. If you could be a butterfly, what colors would you be?

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