Amber's Paradise Island
Designed by: Amber Moore

A beautiful view of the islands shore.

Hi everyone! My name is Amber Moore and I am from Albany, Ga. I am in my first professional block of the Early Childhood Education program at Valdosta State University. The grade that I would like to teach the most would be first grade. I currently have a house that is just a few blocks from campus, which is very convient and have three wonderful roommates. I have a boyfriend, Jason, that I have been dating for almost 2 1/2 years. I plan on graduating Fall 2008 and furthering my education by gettting my masters.

My boyfriend, Jason and I.

I really enjoy taking pictures and sharing them with my friends. I always want to have something to remember the good times by. Over the past couple of years I have been taking pictures of clouds. The way that they turn out in the picture is amazing. I try to capture the unique ones whenever I can. Now that I have a digital camera, thanks to my boyfriend, Jason, I carry it around with me all the time hoping to capture the beauty of the next cloud. Here are three pictures I took myself!

        Fluffy clouds                                      Dark grey clouds

Light coming from clouds behing clouds.

I absolutely love my boyfriend, Jason and I hope that one day we will be able to go to Tahiti on our honeymoon. I will be graduating before any of that happens, but it's nice to think about. It is such a beautiful place! The water is so clear and the atmosphere looks so relaxing. Every picture that I have see of it takes my breath away. Im sure that the cost of the trip would be well worth it, maybe one day my dream will come true.

   Aerial view of Tahiti.    Sun setting off of the island.    The beautiful mountain peaks of Tahiti.

As a teacher, you need many lesson plans. Its hard to come up with these on your own and its always nice to share with other teachers, so that they can be as productive in the classroom as you. I know that when I become a teacher Im going to want to be able to have fun with my students. I want my students to play games and solve puzzles, but actually learn something from them. I think it's a great way to bring fun and learning together.

Seashell in the sand.
Student Resources

Yellow sunsetting on water.
Ways I Can Integrate Technology

Palm trees infront of light blue sky.
Live Text Portfolio

Starfish in white sand.
Topic Mini-Research & Literature Website

Palm tree shadow over yellow sand and green water.
Topic Mini-Research Lesson Plan

Pink and orange sky over beach.
Topic Literature Lesson Plan

Palm trees over light blue water.
Class Room Website for Student Teaching

Starfish on cream sand with dark blue sky background.

Hammock tied to two palm trees that are blowing in the wind.
Inspiration Concept Map

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