Jamestown Online Adventure

Primary Learning Outcome(s) (PLO)

  1. Students will build a colony using an online adventure from the Internet.
  2. Students will compare their colony to Jamestown. 

Related QCC Standard(s)

Grade: 4

Social Studies

Core Social Study Skills


Topic: Information Processing
Standard: Makes predictions and comparisons based on factual information.



Topic: Exploration to Colonization
Standard: Compares and contrasts early colonial settlements in the New England, Middle Atlantic and Southern Colonies - climate - physical features - settlers' country of origin - settlers' motivations - forms of government, and - use of natural resources.


Materials and Equipment

computer lab (if possible)

Internet connection

My Jamestown Colony sheet

construction paper

art supplies


Technology Connection

Jamestown Online Adventure website



Step One: Introduction

Today you are going to build your own colony.  First you will go to the website assigned and complete the activities online.  Once you finish, you will use the information you received to fill out the worksheet.  When you have completed the sheet, you will use everything you have compiled to draw a picture of your colony.

Estimated Time: 5 minutes


Step Two: Teaching the Primary Learning Outcomes.

The teacher will demonstrate how to use the website.  Tell the students to follow all directions given by website.  The website offers additional help in which students can talk to a colonist or get advice from a native. Show the students the website page where they can get their information from for the sheet.

After teacher has demonstrated, distribute the “My Jamestown Colony” sheet.  Then direct students to the website. Students are then to begin the adventure. 

When students have completed the online adventure and the sheet, they are to draw a picture of what their colony would look like.

Estimated Time: 30 minutes


Step Three: Closure

Students will share their illustrations with the class and tell how their colony is different from the Jamestown colony.

You have completed their online adventure and built their own colony.  You now know how life during colonial times and life of today greatly differ.  

Estimated Time: 15 minutes


Assessing the Primary Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will build a colony using an online adventure from the Internet. The teacher will use a rubric to assess the students’ colonies.
  2. Students will compare their colony to Jamestown. The teacher will listen to the students’ oral responses comparing the colonies. The assessment will occur during Step Three: Closure.

Estimated Time: part of procedures, not separate steps.



For students that may complete the assignment early, have them draw a map to represent the location of their new colony.


For students that may not instantly grasp the activity, allow them to work with a partner.


Rubric for Assessing Illustrations of Colonies





Used creativity




Placed food in the colony




Placed housing in the colony




Placed people in the colony





Pre/Post Test Questions

  1. Which item is not included in a colony?
    1. farming and food
    2. housing
    3. people
    4. grocery market
  2. Describe two details of how the Jamestown colony differs from your hometown.

Rubric for Open Ended Question

Possible Points

10 Points

5 Points

0 Points

Description of differences

Describe 2 details

Describe 1 detail

Describe 0 details


My Jamestown Colony


Fill in the scores you received after making your online colony.

Answer the following questions.

  1. What were the differences between your colony and the Jamestown Colony?


  1. What were the similarities?


3.  What would you have done differently and why?