Ms. Smith's Class says:
"HATS" off to
Hometown Heroes!

This TopicQuest was designed for Ms. Smith's Kindergarten Class at J.L. Dewar Elementary School
by Abigale Durrence, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

Community Helpers

Community Helpers are people who work very hard to help everybody who lives in our town.  They keep us safe, make us feel better, and help us when we need a friend.  Community Helpers are all different and each one has a different type of job. All Community Helpers are important and helpful to us in some way.  Thank you Community Helpers for all you do!


An encyclopedia is a book that has the definitions of all words.  This page has the word "Helper"  on it.  You can learn what the word helper means and you can use this encyclopedia page to look up any word you need to know. 

What are Community Helpers?  Where do they do their jobs?  This website will give lots of different community helpers and what jobs they do for us. 
Firefighters are some of the bravest Community Helpers.  They are always there to help us whenever we need them.  They will fight any fire!  Click on this page to learn more!
Do you know Sparky, the Fire Dog?  Sparky is a very helpful friend of ours who gives us lots of important tips about fire safety.  We always need to know what to do just in case a fire does break out.  You can learn how to Stop, Drop, and Roll and much more!!!  Thank you Sparky!!
This website is all about people, places, and things that help us feel better.  Doctors, nurses, and their assistants are all Community Helpers.  They help us get well and feel happy again.  Who or what else can help us feel better?
Do you want your teeth clean, bright, and white?  Sure, we all do.  Dentists are the Community Helpers that show us how to have healthy teeth.  SPARKLE CITY is a website that has a special dentist named Dr. Croc.  Look here to meet Dr. Croc and his dentist office.  Sparkle City and Dr. Croc can help you always have a big, sparkling smile!!
Postmen, or mail carriers are very important Community Helpers.  They make sure that everybody gets the letters they need.  Have you received a letter?  Check out here to learn more about how you get your mail. . . and, about how you can mail someone a letter too!
Do you have a library at your school?  Do you get to check out your own book?  Does someone read you a story when you go?  The person in charge at the library is a librarian.  Librarians are very special Community Helpers.  They read stories to us and help us pick a book to check out and take home.  This site has a special STORYHOUR where you can read along with the librarian and learn new things.  But, remember when you go. . . Shh!  We're in the Library!
Police men and police women help us so much.  They keep us safe and watch over our family and friends.  They are one of the most important Community Helpers.  They are smart, brave, and friendly.  Police men and women love little children.  Learn more about how much they help us here.
Did you know that your teacher at school is a Community Helper?  All teachers at every school are Community Helpers.  Teachers help us to learn and grow smarter.  On this web site you can learn what all your teacher does to help you be a top student.  Go here and maybe you can learn how to be a teacher too!!
  Bloopyville is a very fun town where there are Community Helpers everywhere.  In Bloopyville we meet Bloopy, who lives there and lots of his friends and neighbors who all help out in the community.  In Bloopyville you can be a helper too.  You can meet all the Community Helpers here and I think there may be some fun games to play too!

Welcome to Smithville!


Who are the people in your new neighborhood? What will you do in your new town? 
It is time to find out! 

        You have just moved to Smithville. Smithville is a very special town with very special citizens.  It is your job as a new neighbor, to meet the people in your neighborhood. You may visit Smithville to meet everyone that is a part of your new neighborhood.   Then YOU will become the next Community Helper of Smithville!!!

1.  As a new citizen of Smithville, you will need to write down the names of all the people you
        meet.   You only need to choose three people. 

2.  On your Community Helper Sheet, you will draw a picture of each person
        you meet and the name of their job. 

3.  Once you meet everyone then you must pick which Community Helper YOU would like to be! 

4.  You will choose a hat that goes along with your job.  You will wear your hat and tell what Commmuity Helper who are and why you chose to do that job. 

5.   You will write a letter to the members of Smithville telling them what you will do as a new Community Helper! 

6.  The pictures you draw and the letters you write will be placed on the Internet.

Good Luck New Community Helpers!!
Smithville loves you all!!

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