"Freddie's Birthday Surprise"
Written by: Eugene Bradley Coco
Illustrated by: Susan Marino

Designed By Abigale Durrence


Today is a very special day for Freddie.  Today is his birthday.  Freddie wakes up early and searches his whole house for presents.  He looks under the bed, behind the grandfather clock, and in the closet.  But no presents anywhere.  He runs to his friends' house to see if they have a present for him, but no body is home.  Has everyone forgotten Freddie's birthday?  Then, Freddie's mom calls for him to come home.  Once Freddie walks in the door, SURPRISE!!  It's a birthday surprise party just for Freddie!!  All his friends are there and he gets lots of fun presents!  What a great birthday!!

How would you plan a surprise birthday party for your friend?
How would you feel if you had a surprise birthday party?




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