All About Thanksgiving
This TopicQuest  was designed for Ms. Kinsey's Pre-K Class at Clyattville Elementary School
Designed By Andrea Lombard, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

Thanksgiving Cornucopia

Turkey Craft Thanksgiving is often called Turkey Day. To find out more about Turkey's visit this website. Why might Thanksgiving be called Turkey Day? What other types of food do we eat on Thanksgiving?
Eating Turkey
America America My Home Sweet Home!
Find out who discovered America by visiting this website.

Pumkin Pie Pic
Do you know what the first people to sail from England and take residence in America were called? To find out more  visit this website.
Picture of a turkey
I bet you are wondering how the Pilgrims made it all the way across the seas to this great land? They traveled here on a big ship called the Mayflower. To learn more click here.
Picture of a Turkey
Visit  Wikpedia Encyclopedia, to learn even more about Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving day banner

Mission Activity
Pilgrims sitting at dinner table
We are going to pretend that we are  Pilgrims, and we are celebrating our first Thanksgiving in America. After reviewing all of the websites above, we will imagine what our first meal would be like. Next we will prepare our own Thanksgiving feast by drawing and coloring in the foods that we would eat if we were actually there.
Mission Activity Steps
Thanksgiving day food
1. Visit all of the websites above, paying special attention to the     types of food mentioned.
2. Think of what types of food from these websites that you             would like to eat.
3. Now we are going to prepare a meal just like one from the first     Thanksgiving.
4. Using your color crayons draw and color the three foods that     you chose from the websites.
5. Now explain what these foods are to your preservice teacher.


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