Blooming into Spring
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Harris Pre-K class
 at North Brookes Elementary School
By  Ashley Hughes, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.


Spring is a fun and wonderful time of the year for everyone. The weather is perfect for children to run and play outside. It is also a good time to sit back and relax. A time for Bar-B-Q's for the neighborhood. It is also a time for beautiful flowers to bloom.  I have looked up many different websites for you to read and learn many things about spring.


Easter is another part of Springtime. Click on the rabbit and find pictures that you can color of Easter.
daisies Would you like to learn more about the many different parts of flowers. Click on the daisy and have fun.
Flying kites in the Spring can be fun. Click on the kite and learn all about flying kites.
Spring is a time for things to grow. Click on the kitten and find out how to plant your own flower and make it grow.
Frogs are another interesting animal that show up in the spring. Click on the frog and find many different fun games about frogs.
Would you like to see what birds are like in the spring. Well just click on the hummingbirds and have fun.
Spring is when baseball players start practicing. Click on the baseball player and learn more about baseball.
The weather is changs in the springtime and there is sometimes much rain. Click on the cloud and learn more about the weather.
There is much you can learn about Spring. Click on the books and learn as much as you can.
In the Spring the weather is so nice for picnics. Click on the burger and learn many things to take on a picnic.

Imagine that you are reading the paper and reading an article about a flower contest that the Garden Society is putting on. You have decided to enter the contest and you set out to plant and grow your special flower. After searching the websites above you will be ready to plant your beautiful flower.

First Visit the website Kid's Valley Garden and find out many things about how to plant a flower and make it grow.

Second write down on a piece of paper provided by your teacher, how to plant and grow your special flower.

Third draw your special flower on a seperate piece of paper provided by your teacher. After drawing your flower explain to your teacher why it is so special.

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