The Common Caterpillar
Author Max Lucado
Picture and Story by Ashley Hughes


    Hermie is a common caterpillar who thinks there is nothing special about him.  He and his friend Wormie pray that God will explain to them why he made them so common. God answers each time that he is not finished with them. They feel better until the next day they run into many different animals that are very special and talented. An ant that is strong, a snail that has a hard shell to keep him dry, and a beautiful ladybug that has spots. They then go back to God and ask again why he made them so common. God then answers that he is not finished with them. Hermie then turns to Wormie and tells him that he is very sleepy. He makes himself a soft, comfy bed and sleeps. As he slept he had a funny dream. He dreamed that he was special like the ant, snail, and the ladybug. When Hermie woke up he was covered from head to toe. He then felt something on his back and suddenly two beautiful wings fluttered open and he began to fly. He then realized that God was not through with him and made him into a beautiful butterfly.

Critical Thinking Questions:
1. Why did Hermie think that he was such a common caterpillar? What were some of the things the book mentioned?
2.  Would you want to be a caterpillar or another animal in the book? Which one would you be and why?

butterfly on flower
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