There's An Alligator Under My Bed!
By Mercer Mayer
Picture and Page Designed by: Alison Sheffield

paint picture

What would you do if there was an alligator under your bed?  The boy in this story was faced with that situation.  He just knew that when he got in his bed the alligator was underneath it.

He would hang his head over the side of the bed and look under it for the alligator but he never saw it.  But since he just knew that the alligator was under his bed he would call for his parents to come and help him.  They never saw the alligator and they told him that he needed to forget about it and go to sleep.

The little boy was still convinved that the alligator was under his bed so he came up with a plan.  He went down to the kitchen and got some food.  He made a trail from his bed to the garage so the alligator would eat the food and end up outside in the garage and not underneath his bed, and guessed what - it worked!  Then he fell asleep thinking about what would happen in the morning when his Dad found the alligator in the garage.


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