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Hey!  My name is Ashton Whitaker and I am from Thomson, GA.  I am a junior at Valdosta State University.  I am currently in my first professional semester of Early Childhood Education and will hopefully graduate in December 2008. After graduation I hope to persue my masters degree.  My inspiration for becoming a teacher is my mom.  She has taught first grade for 27 years and loved it.  I hope I am able to have a positive impact on children the way she has.  My goal is to make learning fun and interesting for children.

In my spare time I enjoy hanging out with friends, taking naps, watching movies, and shopping.  I also enjoy going to concerts and listening to music.  My favorite kind of music is country.  In Valdosta, I attend Crossroads Baptist Church as well as Baptist Collegiate Ministry.  Both Crossroads Baptist and the BCM have great college ministries and I have met many of my friends through them.

This past summer I attended the Valdosta State University Study Abroad Program for London, England.  I studied Introduction to Theatre for five weeks and got the opportunity to live and travel around London.  On weekends, I also got the chance to travel to Paris, Bathe, and Scotland.  I learned so much on that trip from how different Americans and Europeans are to what plays to go see.  If you get the chance, I highly recommend studying abroad. 

I know it can be hard for teachers to find good, quality websites.  Here are two that I have found to be fun, interactive, and useful.  Abc Teach is a website for teachers that has links to cute booklets, cut and paste activites, hands on crafts, handwriting, and much more.  I think this website gives teachers great ideas as well as free and interesting activities for their classroom.  Another great website is Scholastic Teachers which offers great ideas, lesson plans, and teaching strategies.  The website was very easy to move through and easy to understand.  I hope these help anyone having trouble finding great teacher websites.


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