Come into Ms. Perry's DINOmite Dinosaur World!

This TopicQuest Page is designed for Mrs. George's First Grade class at Lake Park Elementary School by Anna Perry, a Valdosta State University Pre service Teacher.


Dinosaurs lived from about 230 to 65 MILLION years ago! How do we know what dinosaurs are, what they ate, when they existed, why they don't exist now, and even IF they ever existed? Visit these interactive web sites to find out, then complete a research mission of your own.

Did a t-rex ever live in your backyard? Just type in your zip code here to find out!
The dinosaurs may have ruled the Earth, but they weren't alone! Learn about the plants, animals, and even insects that lived with them.
How many questions about dinosaurs can you think of? Look here at tons of questions and answers about dinosaurs. Even play a game called Name That Reptile!
The hunt is on! Go on a dinosaur fossil dig! This game is like memory. Find the matching bones to uncover what's hidden deep within the Earth's walls.
This site is made by a first grade class like yours! Click on the kind of dinosaur you would like to learn about. Kids even drew the pictures and wrote about them.
Go on a dino egg hunt! See what fossil researchers find inside fossilized dinosaur eggs.
Play 20 dinosaur math games designed especially for first graders! Do the math problems and use the letters to answer questions about dinosaurs.
Write your own dinosaur story! Just fill in the blanks. What will your story be about? You decide.
Go to Encarta Encyclopedia Online. Here's a great article on the dino basics.
Here's some more great encyclopedia info by Britannica Online.

Scenario Mission
Read Carefully. You have a mission to complete! You are a paleontologist and the research company you work for needs your expert help. There have been many theories posed about why the dinosaurs are extinct. Your job is to figure out which one of these theories is correct. If we knew why the dinosaurs became extinct, we might be able to keep other species that live today from becoming extinct too! Please help! You may find some of the information you need at this web site. Good luck. 
Mission Steps
1. Visit this Enchanted Learning web site with your teacher. This site will will help you learn about some of the theories about why the dinosaurs are extinct. 
2. Brainstorm on all of the theories you discovered. Now it is your turn to decide what killed the dinosaurs. Remember, this is YOUR decision.
3. Support your decision by telling your teacher or your "boss" which theory makes the most sense to you and why. Tell your boss whether or not you think that the theory you picked might cause other species to become extinct in the future. What might we be able to do to prevent another mass extinction?
4. Write about and or draw a picture of the extinction theory you picked. Explain your evidence to you boss. Turn in your finished product.

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