Where The Wild Things Are
by: Maurice Sendak
Page developed by: Anna Perry

One night, Max was wearing his monster outfit, and he got into trouble. His mother sent him to bed without any supper. When he went to his room, it began to turn into a huge forest. He hiked through the forest to the water, and sailed and sailed for days and weeks and years.

    Eventually, Max came to where the wild things are. They scared him, but he tamed them and they named him king of where the wild things are. He loved being king, and wearing his crown, but he missed is home and his room. He decided to sail back across the water, and hike back through the huge forest to his bedroom at his home. He was glad to finally be home and back in his room.  His supper was waiting on him, and it was still hot! 
When you are thinking or playing when you are alone, what types of things do you imagine? What are you doing, and where are you in your imaginary world?


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