Ways of Loving
                        Your  Dog!

                     This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Barbara's class at W. G. Nunn Elementary School  by Angela Renee Massey, A preservice teacher at
                    Valdosta State University

   welcome dog

Having a pet is one of the most exciting experiences in child's life. Pets love unconditionally and are like members of a family.  Dogs are no exception. They are known as man's best friend and make wonderful life long companions.  Do you have a dog or are you planning to have a dog in the future?  If so, this web site addresses the ups and down of owning a dog. You can also find answers to questions about how to love, care for and treat your dog. I hope that you enjoy yourself as you discover the joys of dog ownership!

                                        How To Love Your Dog
                                        dog line

puppies Are you ready
for your first puppy?
 Well if you are there
are some things that
you need to know. 
The first thing you
 need to know is
 where to get a
on the puppy to
 find out 
how you should go
 about to getting you dog!!!

arrow to the right
Dog Icon                                                                                                          
Do you Know
what type of  food
puppies eat that will
make them strong?
 A young puppy is just
like a baby and it needs
special food also to help
it grow.  To find out what
 types of food are good and
 bad for
your puppy,
click on the
 puppy eating out his bowl to
 find out!!!!!!!

  arrow pointing to the right
puppy eating        

puppy  with his paws up 
There are at least 50 most
 popular dogs in the United
states, Can you find your
 favorite breed of  dog out of
 the selection that is given.
When you find your favorite
dog, click on the underline
words and locate the different
labels for the dog's body.  Can
 you name what color Coat,
your favorite dog has
 and what kid of Ears your
favorite dog has also? Click
on the puppy and test
revolving arrow pointing to the right    
dog playing with himself
pretty white dog
Dogs and people have
always had an
inseparably bond
between one another.
 The famous slogan,
" Man's Best Friend,"
 is a true statement. 
Visit the on line
encyclopedia and
find information
that can help you
better understand
the true relationship
 humans and dogs share!!

arrow to the right   star
dog holdng food
Do You Know that dogs
 get sick just like people
get sick.  Dogs have
different disease just
like me and you.  Can
you list at least 2 types
 of diseases that  dog s
have. Just click
 the flickering hand
and find the bad
diseases dogs have
flickering arm
girl washing dog
Do you know how
to groom your dog?
 Enter into the web
 site and list the proper
 way a dog should be
brushed. Click on the
 smiling dog and locate
 the way to brush a dog!

arrow to the right       dog in circle
child with dog
 There are rules that
 you must follow in order
 to keep the puppy or dog
 and you safe.  Click
 on the Words to see what
 kind of rules y
ou must follow.
 List some of the rules that
you know you already follow.

dog with papter
Dogs stay in trouble all
the time. You need to
know how to help you
 day  behave.  Do you
want your dog embarrassing
 you?? I hope not.
on the dog
 running and see the
different ways you can
help your dog or puppy
behave. List at leas
three things that will
help your dog or behave.

arrow to the right dog running
black dog
Every dog  needs a
checkup every now
 and then to make
sure that everything
working.  If you want
 to make sure your dog
 is fit as a fiddle then
click the dog and follow
 the ways you are suppose
 to check you dog or puppy.

arrow to the     dog on running tred
puppy It is a sad event when
 a person losses
someone that they
love.  If you ever lost
 anything, does it
 make you sad?
 Have you ever
had a dog that
 died.  Click on
the collar and
find out the ways
you are suppose
to cope with the
death of your dog.

arrow   losedog

Scenario Mission

Imagine that you are the owner of a new dog grooming

service. You
have to hire employees to work for you.

As the boss, you must train
your employees to

properly groom the dogs that come to the

Make a list of the guidelines for grooming a dog. After

making the list present the guidelines to your

imaginary employees
in a training workshop.

Following the presentation, show your
employees the

new advertisement that you created for the opening of

the business.

Mission Steps

1).  With teacher guidance, visit the web site on 
       proper dog grooming.

2). Discuss with teacher, proper dog grooming

3). Make a list of the materials and steps to correctly
      groom a dog.

4). After making a list, create your own advertisement
      to welcome customers to your new dog grooming

5). Turn in your list and drawing to the teacher for

6). Pretend that you are making sure you are
      following the proper   
      rules to keep you and your dog safe

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