Paint Picture and Story by Angela Massey

By David Shannon

cartoon picture of little boy with fish tank

In David Shannon's book, No, David!, David is described as a curious young boy who stays in trouble with his mother and his surrounding. David starts his day rambling into things and getting in trouble. David rambles into everything in his house and his mother stays on him throughout the story. 

    In first part of the story, David is  caught writing on the wall and gets in trouble by his mother. In the second part of the story David comes into the house with dirt all over himself and leaves his dirty footprints everywhere!!!. 

    Later on  that day, David  takes a bath in the tube and jumps out of it without any clothes on and runs down the street naked. David  continues his interesting day, banging on pans, playing with his food, and talking with his mouth full.  Finally, David is scolded by his mother and told to go to his room.  He marches angrily to his room and starts to jump up and down on his bed.

    David still behaves badly and is scolded again by his mother, only this time, he is caught with his finger in his nose.  David's room is filthy and his mother tells him to put up his toys, but he ignores her and goes in the living room and starts to play baseball in the house. 

    His mother finally blows her top and shouts loudly at David saying, " I said no, David!" and sits him in the corner.  David  gives her his sorry face and she tells him to come giver her a huge and says, "Yes David... I love You!"

     David Shannon's No, David!, is a wonderful book that allows children to relate their household behavior to the book. It shows love and discipline that the children can recognize. I enjoyed reading this book and I thought it was a funny, cute and lovable story.


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