Make Sense of This!
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Stephens Kindergarten class at Hahria Elementary School
By Angela Gilbert, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


Did you know that by reading this sentence you are using one of your five senses right now?  If you are having this sentence read to you you are using another one of your five senses.  We use all of our five senses everyday.  They allow us to enjoy our food, a bright sunny day, our favorite song, and our cozy blankets.  Can anyone tell me what the five senses are?


You are just a click away from using one of your five senses to learn about all of them.  Can you guess which one it is?

Quick overview of  all five senses.  Show great pictures and talks about their nerve signals that send information to the brain.

  Use encyclopedia Britannica to enter into funland and participate in some experiences that help you explore your five senses.

Get ready to take a journey and explore how we could use all of our five senses.

Check out these great video clips about your five senses.

Bounce along with Tigger and learn about your five senses.

Mission Activity

    Imagine that you are an airplane pilot.  You have a very special flight to complete.  You need to fly to the North Pole to pick up the toys for Santa Claus because his sleigh is broken.  As you prepare to take off, you will need to perform a preflight check in the cockpit to make sure all your systems are ready to go.  What senses will you use to complete this check?  Once you arrive at the North Pole, you may need to put a heavy coat on.  Can you tell me why you might need this, and what sense you used to decide?  After you have loaded all the boys and girls presents onto the plane, Santa will fill your thermos with hot cocoa.  What sense will you use to determine if you like or do not like the cocoa? 
Using The Five Senses sight do your preflight check and determine those senses!!

Mission Steps:
Step 1: Ask your teacher for paper and crayons.
Step 2: Draw a picture of your airplane taking off, or at the North Pole with Santa.
Step 3: Write the senses you used to complete your preflight check and tell us what                  you checked.
Step 4: Write the senses you used at the North Pole to determine if you needed a
                 coat and if you liked your hot cocoa.
Step 5: Hand your completed drawing to your teacher

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