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"A Second Chance for a New Beginning"

Designed by Andrew Johnson


The Washington-Wilkes Alternative School “Crossroads” was developed from a deep concern for students that has previously been unsuccessful for a multitude of reasons. Many of these reasons have not been their fault. Here we think "outside the box" and make every effort to increase employability skills, life-skills, work on behavior modifications. We are a very structured, safe, and positive learning environment. We have very high expectations for our students and constantly tell them that if we expect nothing then that is exactly what we will receive from them. These students rise to the challenge, and in many cases are productive citizens in their home school and
  WWAS services students from grades 6th to 12th grade.City of Washington Wilkes County BOE

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Hello, my name is Andrew Johnson, and I am the director of the WWAS. Like many of the students that attend my school, I struggled in school for most of my teenage years.  Even now I still have trouble with the demand and focus it takes to be an outstanding student.  However, without the help of great teachers and mentors throughout the years I would not be where I am now.  I currently have an undergraduate degree from Maryville College and a two graduate degrees from Lincoln Memorial University. I am also the father of a great little girl Jada, and I am an assistant coach for the Tigers of Washington-Wilkes.  I think that failure happens, but quitting is not an option.  GO TIGERS!!!! Check out the best "little" college in the south: Maryville College

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The staff of the WWAS strives to teach to the learning style of the individual student. This is begun upon the arrival of each new student. Each student is tested to determine the level and style of learning needed to complete modules necessary for credits and/or grades for the return to their home school. Resource for parents with troubled teens.

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Below you will find some of the various courses that are taught to our students and the state standards to which we teach: Social Studies, Science, Math, English, Service Education, Character Education.

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Resources for W-W Alternative Schools Students Grades 6th - 12th
Designed by Andrew Johnson

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Study Skills

Career and College

Dont Do Drugs

Graduation = Cash

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Website that helps with Basic Study Skills

Website that helps with college and career advice

Website that talks about Drug Usage

  Drop prevention website