Falling Into Reading
This Topic Mini-Research Web Page was Developed for
Mrs. Guthrie's Kindergarten Class at Pearson Elementary School
Designed By: Autumn Amos, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

pic of tree

          turkey and pumpkin
Can you spell turkey or pumpkin?
 Learn which letters make up these festive words.

Can you match a word to the correct object?
  Learn how to spell with confidence!

Can you identify a noun, adjective, and a verb?
 Learn how to label words in a fun and exciting way!

Can you construct a sentence?
  Play with words and put together simple sentences in a silly way!

  Mini-Research Real World Activity
     Pretend you have a little sister or brother who wants to learn about the alphabet.  You want to tell him or her about it, but need an easy way because he or she is just so little.  Go to the Alphabet Song site to learn some songs about the letters to teach your little sister or brother.  Then, go to the Infostuff site to see some  pictures of  animals that each letter starts with.  This way, you can have some good examples to tell your sister or brother about.  Pay close attention to this  page, because the last activity you are going to do is pick 3 of your favorite letters, draw those letters, and a picture of an animal to go with each letter to give your little sister or brother.

Steps To Complete Real World Activity
1.  Go to the Alphabet Song site and listen to some songs for each of the letters.
2.  Go to the Infostuff site and look at different pictures of animals that go with each letter of the alphabet.
3.  Pick your favorite 3 letters from the Infostuff page.
4.  On three individual pieces of paper you will be given, draw the three letters that you chose and a picture of an animal that starts with each letter.

fall leaves


picture of pumpkins



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