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 My name is Anthony Williams and Iím from Valdosta Ga. I lived in Jacksonville Florida for the past eight years on the north side off of Dunn Avenue. I graduated from the University of Phoenix. After college I moved back to Valdosta where I live now. I am currently getting my masters degree in Special Education. I always wanted to be a teacher to help students with special needs. 


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Growing up in Valdosta allowed me the chance to participate in many sport activities, Playing football, basketball, baseball, and track.  Now that Iím back in Valdosta to attend Valdosta State for my masters, I plan to renew interest in the sports of my youth. I also plan to start up a mentoring program for the less fortunate, to introduce them to the proper way of participating in the sport of their choice.

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My classroom theme will be geared toward learning by focusing, learning by expression and learning by feelings of having fun. There is more than one way to learn and have fun no matter what the course is. Whether I teach middle school or high school, I plan on making my classroom setting a fun and educational safe haven to learning. One of way to teach my students how to read is have a read to the class day via newspaper or paper day out loud.


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