Colors on Wheels

This Topic Mini-Research page was developed for Mrs. Baxter's Pre-K class at
J.L Lomax Elementary School. Designed by Amber Whitmer, a Valdosta State University Preservise Teacher.


Question, Description and Hyperlink
cars Name something you travel in on the black road that can be any color.
This website, lead by Barney, shows the different forms of transportation with different locations.
PBS Kids
What is something that is big and red that you ride to a fire?
This website allow studunts to explore being a firefighter with Elmo and what is on a fire truck.
Elmo world
thomas Thomas is a Blue what?
This website is self guided and allows children to explore different games with Thomas and see how trains move.
Thomas and Friends
railroadtracks What do trains ride on?
This website allow the student to repair railroad tracks by using number recognition and skills using the mouse. 
Railroad repair
What are the parts of  a airplane?
This website allows the student to drag airplane parts to create a airplane. As the parts are attached, the importance of that part is explained.
airplane What is something you can ride in the blue sky?
This website allows students to move the click and drag a puzzle piece to it's place to complete the puzzle of an airplane.
Airplane Puzzle  (Extra Project)

Topic Mini-Research Real World Activity

  • Pretend you are a pilot in school.  In school you are learning how to fly a plane. In order to learn how to fly, you need to learn the parts of the plane and why they are important.
  •  Your teacher has given you homework. Your homework is to study the website Avkids and draw a picture of an airplane, for a class book.

Steps to Complete Real World Activity

Step 1: Go to the Avkids and build a airplane. Remember to listen closely to the parts of the airplane.

Step 2: From your knowledge you learned from Avkids, draw and label a picture of an airplane. Remember your teacher is going to make a class book out of them. So draw a zooming good picture!

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