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Welcome! My name is Alicia-Nell Ruark. I was born and raised in Athens, GA ... Goooo Dawgs! Here I attended grade school, participated in sports and extra-curricular activities, and was surrounded by the Athens atmosphere. Athens is such a great town. There exists many captivating aspects, including the University of Georgia, football season with 92,746 of your closest friends, live music, historic downtown, and a fun night-life. To explore Athens more, read the Flagpole, a local magazine that offers information about restaurants, stores, music, and more. After completing high school in 2006, I moved south to Valdosta, GA., where I am a senior at Valdosta State University. I am a majoring in Early Childhood Education, minoring in Spanish, and plan on recieving an ESOL endorsement.

I have always enjoyed the presence of children. I believe that there is so much we can teach them, but there is equally as much that we can learn from them. A teacher is forever a student. I desire to travel and learn about other cultures, in particular, the Hispanic culture. With interests in teaching, learning, and traveling, I could not choose just one area of interest ... therefore, I have compiled my interests into a plan. I hope to move to a Spanish-speaking country, particularly in South America, where I intend to use my education degree and ESOL endorsement to teach the hispanic students English. Furthermore, I will use my knowledge of the Spanish language and culture to enhance my profiency as a bi-lingual speaker. With the growing diverse population, I believe it is important to be knowledgeable and open to understanding
the cultures and lives of others.

Here in Valdosta, I have found a close-nit group of friends, who share my similar interests. My interests include the love and appreciation of art. Some of my favorite artists are Michael Garfield, Alex Grey, and Salvador Dali. I also love DeviantArt, a website that allows visitors to view and upload photographs and artwork. I have a passion and love for music. I enjoy going to shows and music festivals. Some of my favorite bands include: The Grateful Dead, Umphrey's McGee, String Cheese Incident, Sound Tribe Sector 9, Widespread Panic, and Keller Williams. My other favorite hobbies include: camping, kayaking, hammocking ... basically anything that involves the outdoors. I support many non-profit organizations. FreeRice is an organization that donates 10 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program for every question that participants answer correctly. Another personal favorite organization is Conscious Alliance, who's goal is to feed the hungry and promote an eco-friendly lifestyle. Conscious Alliance sponsors many of my favorite bands. Their motto is "Art That Feeds." At the sponsored shows, if participants donate 10 cans of food to the hungry, you receive a free art poster. This promotion is a great opportunity; in return for helping to feed the hungry, you get a beautiful poster by a talented artist. I am an enviromentalist...go GREEN! TreeHugger is a discovery company that informs the world how to go green, in virtually every aspect of life. I believe the world is not ours, we simply live here. We must protect, respect, and appreciate our home. I encourage everyone to become more aware of and thankful for the world that we live in. "Treat the earth well. It was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children."

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It is important for teachers to have educational resources. I look forward to teaching in an educational school setting because it will be nice to work with fellow teachers and obtain help to teach effectively and to create a fun and learning-based classroom. Programs such as Bright from the Start, offer resource books and lesson plans for teachers, parents, and educational providers. When creating lesson plans, it is crucial to include and implement Content Standards for Pre-K students and GPS and QCC standards for grades K-5, which indicate what the teachers must teach and what the students must learn.

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