Falling In Love
With Fall!

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This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Hughe's Pre-K Class at Valdosta Community Day Care Center
Designed By Alexandria Roquemore, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

green leaves   orange leaves

Fall is the season when the leaves change colors from green to shades of bright red, orange and yellow. This lesson will take you on a "leafy" exploration of this colorful time of year!

oak leves

Have you ever noticed that leaves change colors in the fall? If you would like to know why leaves change colors visit this web site.
fall trees
Not only do leaves change in the fall, but the weather changes too.  It becomes cooler in the fall so the leaves soak up less sun.  If you would like to check out the weather in your town visit this web site.
squirrel Do you ever wonder why there are so many leaves on the ground in the Fall? Many leaves fall off of their trees.  This website will tell you why they do. 

different leaves

Autumn is another word for Fall here is how the encyclopedia defines the word Autumn.
pine cones
Pine cones also fall from the trees to decorate the ground during the Autumn season.  Click here to find out more about pine cones!
If you are wondering when Autumn officially starts click here to find out!
fall road
Check out this website to see a beautiful slide show with leaves that are green, yellow, orange, and red!
falling leaves
* Just For Fun! *

Click here to watch a video about fall!

Visit this site to play a fun fall game!
Try to catch the falling leaves in your bucket! 
Let's see how many you can catch!

Mission Activity

Let's pretend we are going to explore the wonderful world of fall by going on a nature hike!  As we go on a hike outside, be sure to pay close attention to the different colors, shapes, and sizes of the leaves and trees.  What colors are the leaves?  What is on the ground underneath the trees?  When we return from our hike, let's draw a picture of what we discovered!  Your teacher will combine everyones fall picture to make one big book about fall!  You will also make leaf rubbings to go on the cover of the book! Let's get started! Follow me!

Mission Activity Steps

1.  Pretend you are going on a nature walk.

2.  Click on the link provided to look at picture of the trees and leaves.

Take construction paper, crayons, and markers, and create your very own fall picture. Draw a tree with leaves that have your favorite fall color.

4. Use your crayon and the leaf your teacher gives you to make a leaf rubbing.

5.  Give your teacher your picture and she will combine all of the artwork and bind them together to make a "Fall Book."    

Autumn leaves

Come falling down.

Red, yellow, orange, and brown.

Down, down, down.

~ Author Unknown

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