Alphabet Soup
This Topic Mini-Research Web Page was developed for
Ms. Patrick's Kindergarten Class at Parker-Mathis Elementary School
Designed By Anna Smith, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

paint picture

child lifting abc
How well do you know the alphabet? Find out how well you know your alphabet by playing this fun matching game.
pencil writing
Can you write each letter of the alphabet correctly? Find the hidden letters in each picture.
alphabet zoo
Can you name at least one object that begins with each letter of the alphabet? Choose a letter. This site will show you how to write that letter and give you an example of a word that begins with the letter you chose.
abcs Do you know how to put your alphabet in the correct order even if it's been all mixed up? Try to put the letters back in the right order with this fun ABC Order game!

alphabet jungle

Now that you have mastered your alphabet, you are ready to go on an exciting adventure! Pretend you are taking a trip to an enormous zoo. This zoo hasa large aquarium filled with every kind of fish you can imagine! It also has a section for wild animals, like lions and bears! Don't let your imagination stop there. Any animal you can think of is found in this amazing zoo!

1. Gather the needed materials: a piece of colored construction paper, markers, crayons, and a pencil and eraser if you need it.

Your teacher will tell you a letter from the alphabet. Write the letter in the top, right-hand corner of the construction paper. Make it big enough to be easily seen, but not so big that you don't have enough space to draw a picture.

3. Select an animal that begins with the letter you chose. If you need help choosing an animal, click here for more ideas!

4. Draw a picture of that animal using the markers and crayons. If you want to draw the animal in pencil first then go over it with marker or crayon, you are allowed to do that.

After you have finished your drawing, show it to the class one at a time! Tell your teacher something special about your animal, like what color it is, if it runs fast, or if it flies.

6. After everyone has presented, put the pictures in alphabetical order and hang them up for everyone to see.

7. Give yourself a high five and a pat on the back because you did a GREAT JOB!!

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