If You Were A Firefighter?
This Topic Mini-Research Page was developed for Mrs. Frost Kindergarden Class at Lanier Elementary School
Designed By: Ashley Kirkland, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

fire safety

Flash will guide you through the home safety checklist, a fire drill that is appropriate for your home, and what to do if you were on fire at State Fire Marshall website. Does your family have a drill to follow if your home were to ever catch on fire?

Hot Hazards allows you to assess your knowledge on fire hazards.  You can navigate through homes and pick out the things that may be a fire hazard. Do you know the things that may be a fire hazard in your home?

What is a smoke alarm? USFA Kids helps us understand the meaning and the purpose of the smoke alarm. It also has crossword puzzles and a matching game to assess your knowledge at the end of the lesson.

Are you fire smart? Take the eight question quiz to see if you are prepared for a drill, aware of the procedure to follow if you were on fire, knowledge of a fire hazard and home fire safety. Students lets be Fire Smart.

Topic Mini-Research Real World Activity
Imagine your a firefighter and your running into a burning building. While your in there your jacket catches on fire. What would you do to put the fire out? Go to the state fire marshall website and find the procedure to follow for when a article of clothing were to catch on fire. Go to the USFA Kids website and find me 3 facts about fire safety. When finding the 5 facts draw a picture of the facts you listed. Then share the facts with the class.

Steps to Complete Real World Activity
1. Imagine your a firefighter.
2. Think what would you do if you were on fire.
3. Go to the website and find 3 facts about fire safety.
4. List the 3 facts you found from the websites.
5. Draw a picture of the 3 facts you listed.
6. Share the facts with your classmates.

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