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Grad pic from ABAC
By: Ashley Kinney

    Hi! Welcome to my web page! My name is Ashley Kinney, I grew up in Fitzgerald Georgia, I now live in Adel. I just graduated from Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in Tifton Georgia with an Associates degree in science and Early Childhood Education. Now I am a Junior at Valdosta State University finishing up my major
 in Early Childhood Education. I want to teach kindergarten children. Teaching is something that grows on me each year as I continue on in my education.

    My life dreams are; finish school, become a teacher, help children to succeed through my teachings, get married, and have a family. I believe it is the simple things in life that make me the happiest. If you are just getting into hunting a great website to go to is the Realtree website, you can join forums and get good advice about the latest in hunting tips, equipment, and clothing. If teaching was not my first passion I would love to be on a pro team staff, traveling around the world with my own hunting show with my boyfriend... In my spare time along with hunting and fishing I also love photography and ANIMALS! Those two normally run hand in hand... I love to take pictures of my animals... Sometimes they are not willing to work with me... but sometimes... I get some really good shots. Below are some of the pictures that I have taken.


    This is Gilligan, our oldest, he was born April of 2006. He likes to be outside chasing bugs and just exploring around our land.

    This is Duke, he was born in June of 2007. He loves to play in the water and ride on the four-wheeler. 



    This is our youngest, Smoki, we just got her December of 2007. She likes to eat... a lot. She also likes to play with Duke..

    One of my most favorite places to visit is Helen Ga. Especially around October when they are having their annual Oktoberfest celebration. My entire family, even family from Ohio all meet up there for a weekend of fun! It is close to my heritage because my Grandma was born in Germany and she lived there until she married my Grandpa :). One of the funnest things to do while we are there is the Chicken Dance it takes place in the festhall pretty much every night during Oktoberfest.

Below are some pictures of my boyfriend Adam and I when we were in Helen during Oktoberfest in 2007.
Adam & I in Helen

Dancing Chicken
Adam & I in Helen

On TargetTargetWith Education
    Teaching is something that impacts each and everyone of us. So it is very important. I believe that all teachers are in the same boat... so we will have to help each other out. The internet is such an amazing tool to find resources... Here are two websites that can be potentially helpful to teachers; Sites for Teachers & Lesson Plans 4 Teachers. I hope that this can help my fellow future teachers out. :)


Boyfriend with Bow

Student Resource
Ways I Can Integrate Technology
LiveText Portfolio
E-Book Website
E-Book Lesson Plan 1
E-Book Lesson Plan 2

Website for Practicum
Teaching Classrooms
Website for Student
Teaching Classrooms

Educational Activities Website
for Student Teaching

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