Bobbing for Apples

This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page
was developed for Mrs. Christian's Kindergarten Class at Quitman Elementary School
Designed By Ashley Greene, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

apple tree

bowl of apples
What did Johnny Appleseed do?

Apple trees were a favorite thing of Johnny Appleseed.
apples in water
Do you know how apples grow?

Knowing how apple trees
grow is very important information.

apple tree
Do you know who Johnny Appleseed is?

  Johnny Appleseed
helped spread apple trees across our country.

How many different types of apples do you think there are?

Apple helps us learn many different things about apples.


Mini-Research Real-World Activity

Imagine that today you are Johnny Appleseed.  You are off to do all of your good deeds for the day.  But wait, what were you supposed to do today?  After you visit the website to learn all about Johnny Appleseed's life, you are going to draw a picture of what you are going to do today.  After you finish drawing your picture, write two facts about Johnny Appleseed.

Steps for Real-World Activity
  1. Learn about Johnny Appleseed.  Pay close attention to the facts.
  2. With the paper and crayons given to you, color a picture of what you, as Johnny Appleseed, are going to do today.
  3. After your drawing is complete, write two facts about the real Johnny Appleseed.
  4. After you finish, share with the teacher the facts you wrote and the picture you drew.

Topic Literature Activity
Johnny Appleseed
By Steven Kellogg

Johnny Appleseed Book

Topic Literature Activity
Using Critical Thinking Questions

A.  Johnny Appleseed   Lets learn about Johnny Appleseed.

B. List your 2 critical thinking questtions for your topic-related literature book.
          1. Tell me one thing Johnny Appleseed did after he was old enough to leave home.
          2. What was one story that people told about Johnny Appleseed?

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