Flutter into Education with Miss Boyett
Designed By: Amber Boyett


My name is Amber Boyett. I am an Early Childhood Education Major at Valdosta State University and I am so excited! Becoming a teacher is something I have dreamed of doing since I was a little girl playing school and acting like my own teachers. I love how much of an influence my teachers were to me and I want to make the same if not greater influence on my own students. Children are so important! This is a fact that I pray all teachers know and acknowledge.

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Some people love the mountains and others love the beach. I am a beach kind of girl! I was born in Miami Florida and moved to Georgia when I was in third grade. I love to go and visit my family in Miami and I love the beach! I think that getting a tan and playing in the sand are some of the greatest memories I have as a child and one day hope to live by the water again. I also enjoy swimming and exercising at the YMCA. Whenever I graduated high school I got a job as a Y-time counselor at my local YMCA and loved it! I got to work with children and exercise all at the same time!!

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Websites that I think would be helpful in my teaching career are abcteach and schoolexpress . Both have tons of free stuff for teachers, something that would be a huge help! I love all the exciting ideas and colorful schemes (hehe) it makes me want to learn! :)

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