All About Fall

This Topic Mini-Research Web Page was developed for
Ms. King's Kindergarten Grade Class at Odom Elementary School
Designed by Angie Whitaker, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

Fall Trees

fall leaves
Why do leaves change colors in the fall? This webiste informs us why and how the leaves on a tree change colors in the fall.
Is pumpkins a fruit or vegetable? In this website you will learn that pumpkins belong to the squash family and that it is really a fruit.
pumpkin sizes
How big can pumpkins grow? This website will show us how big pumpkins can grow.
thanksgiving turkey
Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving? This website tells us about the first Thanksgiving and tells how we came about celebrating Thanksgiving.

Topic Mini-Research Real World Activity

    Let's pretend that you are teaching a classroom of pre-kindergarteners about the wonderful season of fall.  You will want to have your students draw a special picture about what they like about fall to hang on the outside wall of their classroom.
    Before you give your students their assignment you will create a sample picture. This sample picture will help your students to understand what is expected of them. You will then have the students to draw one picture depicting one element of fall. They can draw anthing from pumpkins to Thanksgiving turkeys.
    It is now your job to draw a picture as an example. Remember to include at least one element of fall. Use this topic page to help with your creativity.

Steps to Complete Real World Activity

1.    Let's begin your exploration of leaves.
2.    As you continue your exploration through the other websites about pumpkins, sizes of pumpkins, and Thanksgiving, think about the fall images you want to draw for your class.
3.    Start work on your drawing about fall. Be sure to draw a picture about one fall object of your choice.
4.    Give the drawing to your teacher. Make sure you are able to label or dictate your drawing to the teacher. Your teacher will put your picture on the Internet. You might even be asked to share your drawing with the class.

boy turtle
girl turtle
turtle painting