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 My name is Anna Schroeter.  I was born and raised in Ellenwood Ga, where I graduated from Stockbridge High School with a dual plus diploma.  While I was in high school I was the Battalion Commander of the NJROTC unit, as well as played Varsity soccer.  From there I went to Georgia Military College for a year and a half, where I received my Associates in Behavioral Science.  Currently I am a Senior at Valdosta State University where I am pursuing my Masters degree in Early Childhood Special Education at the James L. and Dorothy H. Dewar College of Education.

I currently live with my sister and her husband in Valdosta.  My parents are back home in Henry County, where I wish I could spend more time with them. My mother was a Special Education teacher for 35 years, where she retired within the Henry County School System.  I am currently employed at Sonny's BBQ, where I am a waitress to help with some of the financial demands of school.  When I'm  not studying or working, I really enjoy shooting my bow  with my boyfriend at Little River Archery.  He is a firefighter in the military, and is stationed at Moody Air Force Base
There are many websites that I have found that are useful for finding ideas for lesson plans. TeacherTube is a more secure version of YouTube, however it focuses solely on ideas for teachers. One very useful website that I use for lesson plans is Teachers.net.  One other website that I have found very helpful is The Teachers Corner, it not only helps with lesson plans, but offers other resources that are very useful. 

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Every student can learn,  just not on the same day, or the same way. -George Evans
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