Topic Mini-Research & Literature Activities
for the topic of Farm Animals

This Topic Mini- Research & literature Web Page was developed for Mrs. Davis' Kindergarten class at Cook County Primary School
Designed by Ashley Mayhue, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

farm animals

What Type of farm animal is your favorite? Find out at Kids Farm!
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What kind of animals live on a farm? Identify the animals at KBear's Farm!
Cows can be used to make milk or help graze a field. Crazy for Cows!
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Do you know how many types of horses there are? Find out at Horse Facts!

Topic Real World Activity
Today in Ms. Ashley's class we will be pretending to be farmers. We will take on all the chores that real farmers do when it comes to taking care of the animals that live on the farm. We will learn to feed them and everything else that goes along with being a farmer. Ready to go? Let's start farming!

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Steps for Real World Activity
1) You  are going to pretend to be farmers and learn about the different types of farm animals.
2) You will look at farm animals and hear their sounds at Farm Animals for kids
3) List three animals and tell what your job as a farmer is for that animal.  example: a cow has to be milked.
4) You will then draw and label a picture of your favorite farm animal. After you finish drawing, write a sentence about something that you learned about that animal.

Topic-Relate Literature Activity

Written by: Paula Borton
Illustrated by: Lisa Alderman
farm animals

Topic Literature Activity Critical Thinking Questions
1. Which animal in the book is your favorite and tell why?
2. If you could trade places with any farm animal which one would it be and why?

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