Green Eggs and Ham
By: Dr. Seuss
Picture and Story By: Ashley Bulloch

sam and green eggs and ham

Green Eggs and Ham is a book that encourages the reader to try new things.  Sam-I-am is the main character in the book and he attempts to get his friend to try green eggs and ham. His friend refuses to eat them and claims he does not like them even though he has never had them before. 

Luckly Sam-I-am does not give up hope and continues to try to convience his friend to eat the green eggs and ham. Sam-I-am suggests different places his friend could eat them and he still refuses.  Sam-I-am also asks his friend to eat them with different animals but his friend still will not try the green eggs and ham.

Sam-I-am continued to bug his friend. He would not give in until his friend decided try the food. He got a fork full and then...

Critical Thinking Questions:
1) If you could change the ending of the story, what would you change?
2) How would you get someone to eat green eggs and ham?

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