Fun on the Farm
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Hendley's Pre-K Class at Clyattville Elementary School
By Michelle Bowen,
a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.


Farms are such fun places.  Have you ever been to a farm?  What types of things did you see on the farm?  Did you see all of the animals that were there?  Did you know that all of those animals serve a very important purpose?   They provide us with many products that we use daily.  Come explore and learn more about farm animals.

Go to this website to learn All About Farm Animals!!  Click on the picture of the animal and it will tell you more information about that animal.
If you like to play online games, click on this website to play games involving farm animals.
Do you know what sounds some farm animals make?  Go to this website and click on the animal to hear it's sound.
Elmo is staying on a farm.  Read the funny story of his day at the farm.
The animals are lost and confused.  They don't know where they belong.  Go to this website and scroll to the bottom of the page to help the animals get back to their right place.
Let's Learn About Farm Animals!  Go to this website to learn about four specific farm animals:  Cows, Pigs, Sheep, and Chickens.  Click on the animal to learn about what products we get from them. 
farm scene with barn
Have you ever wanted to create your own farm?  Go to the PBS website to see how you can create your own farm.
At Kbears Interactive farm you can learn more about a farm and the important animals on the farm.  Click on the building, animals and parts of the farm to learn all about it.
barn yard buddies
Follow the adventures of the Barnyard Buddies with this online story.
Want to know some interesting facts about farms?  This website has lots of fun farm facts for kids.

farm scene with tractor

Mission  Project
Pretend that you are a farmer.  What animals do you need on your farm?  Look at the websites at some of the animals and what they do.  Why would these animals be useful on your farm?  You are going to choose 2 animals that you will be using on your farm.  Then you will draw a picture of the animals and tell me why you chose them.

Mission Steps

   1.  Visit the website that tells us about all the farm animals and why they are useful to us.

   2.  What are some of the animals that you saw on the site?  What were some of the things that               they did?  Think about the two animals that you liked the best.  Pick two animals that you             would want on your farm.

   3. Now that you have chosen your two animals, draw a picture of them on the farm.  Tell your         teacher why you chose those two animals.  Your teacher will write why you chose the two             animals on the back of your drawing.

   4.  Give your papers to your teacher and she will publish them on the internet.

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