If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

Author:  Laura Joffe Numeroff
Page Designed By:  Michelle Bowen


    One day a tiny mouse shows up at a boy's house.  The boy offers the mouse a cookie.  The mouse accepts the cookie and asks the boy for a glass of milk
    Once he has the glass of milk, he needs a straw to drink it with.  After drinking the glass of milk, he needs a napkin, and of course he has to check for a milk mustache.  The journey continues on as the mouse trims his whiskers, cleans up his mess and then gets carried away and cleans the entire house.  After cleaning the house, he needs a nap, so he has the boy read him a story which leads him to draw a picture.  As he finishes the picture he wants to hang it on the refrigerator.
    Hanging the picture on the refrigerator reminds him that he is thirsty.  So he asks the boy for a glass of milk.  The end of the story leaves you wondering what he will ask for to go with his glass of milk.

mouse with cookie

Critical Thinking Questions

     1.  How do you think the story would have been different if the boy had         not given the mouse a glass of milk?
    2.  What do you like to drink when you eat cookies?
    3.  What other items could the mouse have asked for from the boy? 
What items would you ask for if you were the mouse?

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