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Growing Flowers

This topic Mini- Research & Literature Web Page was developed for Mrs. Suzanne Griner's Pre K Class of Berrien Primary School
Designed By Nicole Smith, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


The Garden Shop

What are the steps to growing a flower?
A website that lets you put the steps of growing flowers in order.
flower pot
What are some different types of flowers?
This website lists many different types of flowers.
Flower Food
smiling flower
What kind of food does it take to make flowers grow?
A website that talks about photosynthesis.
Growing Flowers
Growing Flower
Whar does it take to grow all different types of flowers?
A website that tells how much soil, sun, and water different types of flowers need.

Growing Flowers

In Miss Nicole's Flower Activity we are going to pretend we are all gardeners.  We all have a huge beautiful flower garden; we have been working in our gardens for a while.  Our friend comes over to see our garden and she thinks it is just great.  She wants you to draw her a picture of the steps that your flowers went through to grow, because she has no idea how a flower grows.  Now we have to help her....

Steps for Growing Flowers Activity

1.   Go to the Garden Shop website and learn the steps of growing flowers.
2.  Then choose what kind of flower you want to draw the steps of growing for.
3.  Talk about how much water and sun light different kinds of flowers need.
4.  Now draw the step of growing a flower for for your friend.
5.  Then explain the steps to your classmates.
6.  Now the teacher will display your pictures for everyone to enjoy!

Growing Flowers Literature Activity

I'm a Seed
I'm a Seed

Growing Flowers Literature Activity
Using Critical Thinking Questions

1.)  After reading the book would you rather be a marigold seed or a pumpkin seed?  Why?

2.)  If you were going to plant a garden what kinds of flowers would you plant?  How would you take care of them?

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