Sensibly Sensational
This TopicQuest was designed for Ms. Carey's Pre-k Class at Childcare Network  by Alisha Roberts, a Valdosta State Pre-service Teacher

picture showing all the senses

Have you ever wondered how you know that something is hot or cold? Maybe sometimes you wonder how you your eyes the produce the images that you see in front of your face. What about when you are getting ready to have dinner and you can smell your food, and once it's in your mouth you can taste all of the seasonings? How is all of that possible?  All activities are made possible because we have five senses. These senses include tasting, seeing, hearing, touching, and smelling.

Visit the encyclopedia to learn more about how taste occurs in the human body. Not only will this site provide information regarding taste, but it will also provide some interesting facts about the tongue
people eating
Did you know that there is four kinds of taste? That's tasty  is a guide to information regarding the four kinds of taste: salty, bitter, sweet, and sour.
This site is dedicated to the sense of sight. This site provide information in a fun while enhancing the knowledge of students.
eyes that say look
Let's play I Spy. This site allows students to use their sense of sight to find objects in familiar places.
Do you like games and puzzles? This amazing sites gives you the opportunity to test your knowledge of your five senses.
five senses
Need help thinking of activities?  Gayle's Preschool Rainbow gives parents and teachers great activites to help students learn about the their five senses.
man ear
Want to learn more about the hearing process? Visit the encyclopedia to learn how hearing ocurrs.
Play the Magic School Bus sound game. This site gives you the opportunity to match different objects, animals, and much more with their sounds.
Ever wonder how you know what something smells like? Use this site to travel through the nose and learn how odors are identified.
human body
Do you want to give information in an excting way? Brainpop provides fun but educational ways to enhance a student's knowledge about the five senses.

Scenario Mission
    Imagine that you are a reporter. You were invited to go to a circus by your boss. You were so excited about going to the circus that you decided to write an article about the circus when you returned back to work. Describe in detail what you saw, heard, smelled, ate , and touched. If you need more more information about your five senses please visit Brainpop for assistance.
    In addition to writing a wonderful article , you also need to draw a picture so that all readers can see the what you saw. Before you start on your adventure please visit this site about the circus to get an idea of what to expect.

 The TopicQuest Page has some links you might want to stop at in your search to find more information to include in your article. 

Have a Good Trip!

Mission Steps

1. Explore with your teacher Brainpop for information to write article and draw pictures for The National Weekly Reader.

2. Write or describe to your teacher the events at the circus for your article. 

3.  Make a drawing of what you heard, saw, ate, touched, or smelled at the circus. Add the drawing to your article.

4. Give your article and drawings to your teacher to scan and publish on the Internet.


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