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    Currently I with students at Childcare Network, Inc. This corporation works with state and federal education sponsors to provide safe and affordable educational experiences for all students. Childcare Network uses a high Reach Learning curricula. This curriculum is designed o promote the development of school readiness skills and parental involvement.
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      The organizations serves students ranging from 6 weeks through 12 years old.The organization and characteristics of the classrooms varies according to  age group and is designed to stimulate learning. Students are grouped in classrooms primarily according to age but special consideration is given to students  who demonstrate unique emotional, physical or intellectual needs.
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   There are many different Childcare Networks in various locations. I work with the students in Ms. Carey's pre-k class in Valdosta, Ga. Most of the students in her classroom are four years of age. The students are very mannerable an obedient. I even love the way they all welcomed me into the their classroom setting. The mean focus in their classroom is recognizing shapes and counting. also students are taught to associate groups of letters with words. Age-appropriate, interactive computer programs are introduced for the first time.  Support and involvement of parents are developed through weekly progress reports.
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