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Welcome! My name is Alisha Roberts. I am a junior at Valdosta State University. Currently I am pursuing a degree in Interrelated Early Childhood and Special Education. I plan to graduate in Spring of 2006.
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    I love to travel but I had actually never been out of the country until my senior year in high school. Every year our high school offers a senior cruise. On our senior cruise went made two stops. This first stop was in the Grand Cayman Islands. We stayed there for about 4 hours then we reboarded the ship heading  for Jamaica. I enjoyed being in both places, but the temperature was extremely hot. I loved Jamaica the most because the beach was so beautiful.

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    Now that I am  in college I have slowly stopped participating in different hobbies because I rarely have free time. Usually I play basketball with son. He is only four, but he already believes that he is a pro basketball  player.  Since he is able to shoot and dribble I try to help him improve his skills while actually enjoying spending time with his mother.

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    I also love to read books and poems. Poems are actually my favorite to read because they are short but they have great meaning. I love to read poems by Maya Angelou and Nikki  Giovanni because their poems have given me courage in times of despair.

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