The Green Grass Grows All Around

This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Thomas's Kindergarten Class
at Moulton Branch Elementary School By Anna Bush, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

grass on the side of a hill

When you walk outside on a warm sunny day you step out onto the beautiful green grass, but do you know what grass is? Or what makes it grow? Is there only one kind of grass? There are many interesting things about grass including a sing-a-long song!  Well are you ready to dig into this green grass that grows all around us?

a strip of grass

horizon of grass and sky
What is grass? How many types of grass are there? Do we eat grass? Lets look up the word grass in the encyclopedia to find out the answers to these questions.

grass with purple flowers
Songs for Teachers
A song about grass, how silly! Who would ever sing a song about grass? Well if you do not believe me visit this site and hear it for yourself.

grass and flowers
How Science Works
Have you ever noticed when you pull grass out of the dirt it has many parts like roots and blades? This web site will show you all the different parts of grass.

Grass Pollen
Grass has pollen just like flowers! A lot of people are allergic to grass pollen.  I hope you are not. Visit this site and find out what grass pollen looks like.

grass fiels
Pictures of Grass
Did you realize there is more than one kind of grass?  Come on into this site and we will see some pictures of different kinds of grass.

rows of planted grass
Blue eyed grass
A student around your age decided to draw a picture of some Blue Eyed Grass.  Blue Eyed grass is a type of grass that grows almost all year and can grow up to 20 inches high (almost 2 feet).

field of grass
Watering Tips
Grass needs to be watered just like trees and flowers.  Splash into this website and find out how much water grass needs to be green and healthy.


 A real weather man (meteorologist) put together this website of information, games, and puzzles about weather. Bounce into this site and you will learn a lot of good weather tips from the fun games and quizzes that will help you grow your grass.

baseball field
Baseball Fields

Have you ever wondered how the grass on the baseball fields are in patterns? I think it looks neat, but do you know how they make the patterns in the grass?  You can find out by clicking on the baseball field link under the picture.

cows eating grass
Why cows eat grass
I kow you have seen cows eat grass, but do you know why? Well cows are herbivores, but what does that mean? Lets moo-ve into this website to find out why cows like to eat grass.

a strip of grass

Mission Statement
After enjoying all the fun websites and learning all the interesting information about grass, you have a mission to plant grass in your Easter Basket. You need to make sure it grows healthy and green so you can put your eggs from our class egg hunt in your basket of grass. The websites you visited that told you how much water  grass needs and the one that told you the basic things that grass needs to grow will help you plant your grass in your baskets and keep your grass green and healthy.
Mission Steps
1. Dig on into the websites on How Science Works and  Watering Tips to find out what you will need to plant your grass.
2.  Make a list of everything you need to do before you plant your grass.
3.  Get your Easter Basket ready to plant the grass (fill them with soil).
4. Plant your grass and place it in a sunny spot to watch it grow.
5. Fill your Easter Basket with as many eggs as you can find at you Easter Egg Hunt.

a strip of grass

rotating sun

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