Down on the Funny Farm
Written by P. E. King and Illustrated by Alasair Graham
Paint Picture and Story Designed by Anna Bush

a painted picture of a horse on the roof of a barn and a rooster burying a bone

    There was a young farmer who did not have a farm.  He ran across an old man pitching hay with a kitchen fork instead of a pitchfork.  The young farmer ended up buying the old man's farm for one dollar.  The farm came with a horse, a rooster, a dog, a chicken, a pig, and a cat besides the barn and the house.
    While the young farmer was checking out his new farm he realized something very strange. All the animals did not act like themselves.   The cat tried to pull the wagon like a horse, the horse crowed on the barn roof like a rooster, the rooster was burying bones like a dog, the dog was stitting on eggs like a chicken, the chicken rolled in the mud like a pig,  and the pig chased mice in the house like a cat.
    So the young farmer knew he had his work cut out for him.  He started teaching all the animals to do their right job. The animals caught on quick and he was soon a happy farmer, but he was lonely. 
    One day a woman drove up to the farm. The young farmer and the woman fell in love and got married.  The woman had one request, for her father who had no home to come live with them.  The young farmer said okay, but what he did not know is that the woman's father is the old man he bought the farm from.  As soon as the animals saw the old man they went back to their old routine. 

1. How would you have reacted if you had bought this funny farm?
2. Do you think they lived happily ever after? Why or Why not?
a running dog

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