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Information about Ms. Maxwell

Welcome students and parents to my class!  The 2012-2013 school year will be my 5th year teaching at Chapel Hill High School.  I am excited to start another great year!  I am engaged to a wonderful man and between the two of us we have 4 dogs, 1 cat, and 1 bird.  I love animals, especially dogs, and when I see one in need I always end up bringing it home.  When I'm not taking care of my many pets I like to spend time with my family and friends and playing tennis.  Pinterest is my new favorite thing and I can spend hours finding new recipes and ideas for my home. 

This school year I will be teaching Biology, Physical Science, and Chemistry.  Each class will offer it's own challenges and will be equally fun!  Biology and Physical Science students don't forget your END OF COURSE TEST counts 20% of your final grade so there is no slacking off this year!  If you would like to explore science topics or do some research (don't worry you don't have to do a science fair project)
Cool Science Sites is a great place to start. 

Chapel Hill High School
is entering it's 14th year as a school and we are all very excited to welcome you all back and some of you for the first time.  Chapel Hill High School is located in Douglas County, GA.  As most of you know, there is a lot to do here.  We have a great mall and even have Six Flags Over Georgia in our backyard. For those of you who enjoy science and want to take physics your senior year all your hard work will payoff with a field trip to Six Flags Over Georgia.

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frog  Biology
chemistry  Chemistry
pulley  Physical Science
*Information will be added for the new school year
*Information will be added for the new school year *Information will be added for the new school year



Science Resources
(These resources are provided to help you.) 
Click on the links below to explore the different websites. 

Khan Academy

This site provides many videos on topics covered in class.  If you feel like you need to revisit a topic I would suggest using this site to reinforce what was taught in class.  

Brightstorm provides videos on various topics reviewed in class.  It also provides a forum to help with homework or other assignments given in class.
USA Test Prep


USA Test Prep will help biology and physical science students get ready for the all important EOCT.  There are games to play and tests you can take to help get you prepared for the big test.  It is also a great way to review for upcoming tests. 

*If you do not already have a user name and password please see me before or after class to get this set up.  I will not help set up your account during class! 
Interactive Periodic Table


This is a great site for physical science and chemistry.  It is an interactive periodic table of elements.  Click on an element you want information on and it will give you the element symbol, atomic structure, atomic number and much more. 

magneticOther Information

Chapel Hill Website                             chhs                       Mrs. Knowles website. 

All my classes are co-taught with Mrs. Knowles this school year.  If you can't find what you're looking for on my site    
please try hers.
Biology    biology


psPhysical Science

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