The Beauty of Plants

This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page
 was developed for Mrs. Smith's Pre-Kindergarten Class at Dewar Elementary School
Designed by. Amie Mack, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


girl watering plant
Just like humans, plants need certain things to survive.  Let's find out what they need!
Did you know that plants come from seeds?  Let's read a story about a girl named Dottie, who grows beautiful flowers from seeds!
Do you know what the parts of a plant are called?  Take a look at this diagram of plant parts.
fly trap
Did you know that plants come in all shapes and sizes?  Here is a video that shows interesting looking plants!

"New Discovery!"

Topic Mini-Research Real World Activity
Imagine you are a scientist on a research trip around the world.  Your plane crashes on an exotic island and you stumble across a new plant species! You study this new plant the entire time you are stranded on the island, documenting the plant with many pictures. After you are rescued word gets out about the new plant discovery and scientists everywhere are excited to see your discovery.

Steps to Complete Real World Activity

1.  Draw a picture of the plant you discovered.
2. Label the parts of the plant.
3. Give your newly discovered plant a name!
4. Show your fellow scientists your discovery. 

Topic Literature Activity

Planting a Rainbow
by. Lois Ehlert

book image

Topic Literature Activity
A.  girl watering plant  Let's first look at a website about growing plants!
B. Four questions of understanding about Planting a Rainbow.
1.  Where do the bulbs and seeds need to go in order to grow into plants?
Does the soil need to be cold or warm in order for the plants to grow?
3. The plants have changed!  What is it called that is happening to the plants?
4.  What color flowers do you see?
C.  List your 2 critical thinking questions based on your book. 
1. If you were to plant a garden, what color flowers would you plant?
2. If you were to plant a garden, what are some things you would need to plant it?


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