The Wonderful World
of the Human Body

This topic quest was designed for Mrs. Kay Powell's Kindergarten class at Cook Primary School in Adel, Georgia by Anna Lee Griffis, a Valdosta State University pre-service teacher

Dancing Skeletons Dancing Skeleton Dancing Skeleton

Have you ever wondered what is inside of your body?  Would you like to know how your body works and how it keeps you alive?  What about the types of things you can do to keep your body healthy?  Come and explore these just-for-kids websites to find out more about the Wonderful World of the Human Body.

Check out this fun Yahooligans video and learn about the different systems inside the human body.
Boy with Body
This site provides a great look inside your body.  Learn great facts about body, like how many bones and muscles you have,  how your heart works, and much more.
Dancing Skeleton
Use this site to learn more about How the Body Works.  Be sure to check out each of the system links to learn more about each one.
This site provides games and fun activities for kids to learn more about the skeleton, heart, brain, and digestive system inside of the human body.

Encarta Logg
Use this link to get the Encarta Online Encyclopedia and read all about the human body and its fascinating jobs.

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Have you ever wondered why your foot falls asleep, why your nose runs, or what causes you to burp?  Click here to get the answers from the on-line encyclopedia called


Do you know what it means when you hear on TV that your favorite cereal is full of Vitamins and Minerals?  Learn how vitamins and minerals are necessary for your body to stay healthy. 
Heart provides an interesting article all about your heart and how it works.  Check it out.
system diagram
The digestive system is what takes the food you eat and makes it into food to fuel your body.  See the different parts of the digestive system on this colorful website. 
nutrition monster
Find out about how to take care of your body by eating the right foods and exercising.  Play a game by feeding the Nutrition Monster healthy foods.

Now that we have explored a few websites and learned more about the human body and nutrition, you are going to go on a mission.  Pretend that you are doctor.  A patient has come to you and is complaining of pain all over her body - her head, her belly, her chest, her eyes, and even her ears.  It is your job to figure what is hurting inside of her body by answering these questions:

1. What body organ is inside of her head?
2. What body organs are inside of her belly?
3. What body organs are inside of her chest?
4. What body organ is inside of her eye?
5. What body organ or bone is inside of her ear??

A great place to find the answers to these questions is at the How the Body Works website.  Click on each one of the bodies on the website to find out more about the specific parts of the body and what is inside, and then answer the five questions written above on a piece of paper and draw a picture of the organ or part of the body.

Now doctor, you have figured out what organs and bones may be causing your patient pain.  Now, you will need to talk to your patient about keeping herself healthy.  Go to the Nutrition Monster website and help the Monster figure out which foods are best for him to eat.  This are the same foods that you will need to tell your patient to eat in order to stay healthy.  Write down the names of at least three foods that will be good for your patient to eat.  Draw a picture of each of the foods.

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