Brown Bear, Brown Bear,
What Do You See?

Author: Bill Martin, Jr.
Illustrated by: Eric Carle

This page designed by: Anna Lee Griffis

Brown Bear


            Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? is a picture book with very simple words and colorful pictures, great for the beginning reader.   The author, Bill Martin, Jr., takes the reader from page to page with a question: "What do you see?"  Each page introduces a new character, including a brown bear, red bird, blue horse, and purple cat, all of which are pictured above.  One character sees another character, which is then revealed on the next page.

         Each character sees another in a predictable sequence.  Near the end of the book, a goldfish spies a teacher, possibly from its bowl in a classroom.  The teacher then sees children looking at her.  Finally, the children go through and can see each character that was previously named in the book so that the reader can repeat the words, colors, and animals.

        This is a great book to use to practice colors and animals with young children.  This predicable picture book can also serve as a medium for a fun question and answer game between the teacher and students.

Critical Thinking Questions

    1.    What other types of animals could have been in the story?

    2.    Look around the room and tell me what YOU see?

    3.    Think about the colors of the animals in the story (i.e. green frog, purple  cat, blue horse).  Were some of the animals' colors different from what you would normally see, and what colors would the animals be in real life?

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